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The greatest crossover mess of all time!

A maior bagunça de personagens que você respeita!

Duel Toys 2 is a passion project I released in 2010, prior to that, in 2004 I made the original Duel Toys, both were games featuring characters from various fighting games of the time.

In 2018, out of boredom, I decided to revamp it, adding more characters, fixing bugs, adding controller support and re-released it as Duel Toys 2.5. It's a fun game to download and play with your friends, the single mode has endings and dialogues!


I do not intend to make any profit by selling this game in any manner. This is a homage to old (and new) fighting games. All trademarked characters belong to their respective owners. 

For more info on characters check the credits in the options menu. 

I hope you all have fun.


Amand.APPs - 2019